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Our vision is to be a center of excellence that nurtures every young mind equally and gives them wings to fly irrespective of their differences.


Our mission is to nurture young minds in a safe and caring environment, giving them an opportunity to achieve holistic physical, mental and emotional abilities and creating responsible and compassionate citizens with a zeal for truth and knowledge.


Dream . Explore . Discover

We want every child to dream about achieving the impossible, have the courage to explore the unknown and discover the joy of knowledge.

School Campus

We are a vibrant learning community with a capacity of housing over 1000 students from Pre Kg to 6 and it grows for every academic year. Our school is envisaged as a home away from home and both teaching and non-teaching faculties share a very positive & caring bond with the students as an extended family like atmosphere.
We respect and nurture every child’s individuality and shape them to be dynamic and fine young adults who grow up as beautiful human beings. We aim to develop our students as well-rounded, confident and responsible individuals to face the challenges of rapidly changing world by providing all the necessary skills and competencies required by a 21st century learner.
Our mesmerising lush green sprawling campus with lofty structures, open fields and its stunning beauty changing with every season is the best environment for the learner and the facilitator for the transaction of knowledge and sharing experiences . It reminds us of our ancient Gurukul.
We at Kavina International School we assist our Kavinayans to discover themselves- who they are as people. Within each student there is a doctor, an actor, an engineer, a teacher, a social activist, a sportsperson, political leader, a champion, an environmentalist, a poet, an author or an economist. It is our humblest belief that each child’s inner beauty and energy needs to be unraveled to enable him/her to scale his/her optimum heights.